How To Troubleshoot Oven Door That Does Not Open After Cleaning Cycle

oven door will not open after cleaning cycleHave you ever faced the problem of oven door not opening after cleaning cycle is complete? If you face such a situation, don’t panic. At times, allowing the home appliance to cool for about an hour will solve the problem. If this does not help, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Disconnect the power supply to the machine for about 15 minutes. Now reconnect the machine to the power source and try to open the door gently.
  2. Restart the self-cleaning cycle once again, but allow it to work for just 15 minutes. Cancel the cycle after 15 minutes and allow the residential appliance to cool down. Now gently try opening the door of the oven. However, do not try to restart the self-cleaning cycle if you see an error code on the electronic control. Doing so can have life threatening consequences.

Ideally, this should solve your problem. If these steps fail to correct the problem, you must try to manually access and move the lock, and try to open the door. When trying to troubleshoot the problem, keep in mind that some models may require manual unlatching of the door. If the door is not unlatched manually, you may not be able to unlock the door. Check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to unlatch the door.

If all these steps fail, it is best to get help from a professional. When trying to correct the problem, risk of personal injury is high because you may have to conduct high voltage tests. For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, it is best to get help from a qualified technician. Today, many service providers have dryer service technicians, dishwasher repairman, refrigerator technician, gas stove repair technician, and washer technicians on their roll. These professionals will repair almost all appliances at your convenience.

Types of Oven Door Lock

Before you attempt to repair or service your household appliance, it is important to understand the working of oven door lock. Most modern ranges use one of the three different locking systems – motorized, solenoid driven, and heat activated.

Solenoid Driven

Ovens that use this system have a lever that must be set by the user to lock the door. Also, you will hear a clunking or buzzing sound when the door is locked and unlocked.

Heat Activated

This mechanism is similar to the solenoid driven system, but the lock does not make any sound when the door is locked and unlocked. Instead, it uses a coiled spring to close the door slowly as the oven heats. Heat activated models do have electrical parts to lock and unlock the door. If there is any problem with the lock, the whole mechanism must be replaced.

Motorized System

Machines that use the motorized system use motors to lock the door when the self-cleaning process is activated. You could hear a ratcheting or whining sound when the motor is in use. To check the condition of the motorized system, you will need an ohmmeter. The problem could be in the motor itself or the power supply leading to the motor.

The heat sensitive or motorized lock is usually located below the cook top on free-standing ranges. To access the lock, you must lift the cook top. If you have a built-in model in your house, you may have to remove the enclosures to access the locking mechanism. In some built-in models, locking mechanism can be accessed by removing the control console.

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