How To Fix A Dryer That Won’t Tumble Properly

tumbling dryerHaving a dryer that does not tumble can be a frustrating experience. When you face this problem, you should get help from a dryer repairman. However, if you want to save a few bucks, you can attempt dryer repair without professional help. To troubleshoot the problem with your household appliance, you must be aware of the parts that are responsible for this problem and the steps you must take to repair or replace the parts. Here are the lists of parts that are likely to be responsible for the problem:


The belt connects the drum to the motor. Regular use of the home appliance can wear out the belt or make it brittle. When the dryer does not tumble, you must check if the belt is broken or worn out. The machine belt must be flexible and should have sufficient grip on both sides. To check the condition of the belt, you must disconnect the power supply and remove the machine’s front panel.

Idler Pulley Assembly

The pulley assembly provides tension to the machine drum belt so it does not slip on the drum or the drive motor when the dryer has clothes in it. The pulley rotates at very high speed and it may fail due to increased friction. If you hear squealing or squeaking noise when the drum rotates, it indicates a problem in the pulley assembly. This sound can progress to a loud thumping or scraping noise if corrective steps are not taken.

Another symptom of a problem in the pulley assembly is the slow or no-tumble condition of the drum. When the machine belt is removed, the pulley should turn freely without any play. Also, visually check the shaft for any signs of wear and tear. If the shaft it damaged, you have to replace it.

Maintenance Kit

Most manufacturers produce a maintenance kit that contains a few parts that could fail with normal use. Some of the parts that are included in the kit are drum rollers, belts, bearing, and idler pulley. Once you determine the part that is responsible for the problem in your house appliance, you can buy this kit, as it is economical.

Drive Motor

Electric and gas dryers have a motor that turns the drum and the blower of the dryer. When the motor malfunctions, the drum will not tumble. You could also hear a humming noise, which could be due to a bad switch or winding on the motor. To check the condition of the motor, you must remove the front panel of the residential appliance. Checking the condition of the motor is not easy and it must be done only by a qualified person.

Door Switch

The door switch allows the machine to tumble only when you close the door. If the machine does not tumble when you close the door, it means that there is a problem with the door switch. The door switch is usually located behind the front panel. If you look carefully, you can see the switch button protruding into the machine door opening. You can test the condition of the switch using a multi-tester. This test must be done after disconnecting the power supply to the machine.

If all these steps fail, it is best to get help from an appliance service company. These companies have several technicians on their rolls such as stove technician, oven repair technician, and of course dryer technician. If your appliance is not working, they will send a technician to your place to troubleshoot the problem. For instance, if your oven is not working, they will send an oven repair technician to your place to solve your problem in the shortest possible time.

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